HU Queer Press 2.0

What is the state of the gay at Harding University in 2018? Meet HU Queer Press 2.0— A brave group of currently enrolled queer students at Harding who have released a zine titled "Hear Queer Voices." As the authors of the 2011 HU Queer Press zine "The State of the Gay," we wholeheartedly encourage you to read, share, and support their work. It is important to note that this new group is a separate entity from the 2011 HU Queer Press, consisting of different members and organizational structures. We are proud to be part of a legacy of queer Harding students making their voices and experiences known!

You can find more information about HU Queer Press 2.0, including their zine "Hear Queer Voices", at the following links:

Read the HU Queer Press 2.0 zine, "Hear Queer Voices"!

Print it out yourself and share!

Check out the HU Queer Press 2.0 blog!