On Trolls and Rude-Gusses

On March 3rd, 2011, Dr. David Burks, President of Harding University, made a statement in chapel regarding our zine. While we disagree with many of the views he expressed, we do agree with his remarks regarding bullying. An unprovoked attack against another human being, with intent of humiliation or harm, is a reprehensible act that no person or institution should tolerate.

It has come to our attention that President Burks and other administrators at Harding University have received many threatening, hateful, and even violent messages in the wake of our publication and the national media attention it received. It disturbs us that so many have completely missed the spirit of our message, so let us be clear:

HU Queer Press condemns use of hateful, threatening, and violent language in letters and emails addressed to the staff, faculty, and administration of Harding. We demand these messages cease immediately.

We are frustrated that others would pervert our message of compassion and open dialogue by speaking with hate and violence. We wish to create a better campus for all, queer and straight. This cannot be achieved by alienating or attacking those with whom we disagree. Anyone who uses or advocates violence, in word or in action, has completely misunderstood our zine's message.

"The violence we preach is not the violence of the sword, the violence of hatred. It is the violence of love, of unity, the violence that wills to beat weapons into sickles for work"

- Archbishop Oscar Romero